Wards Corner Community Plan

The Wards Corner Community Plan proposes the community-led development of the historic Wards Corner Building and celebrated Seven Sisters Indoor Market. 

The plan demonstrates the market can operate under these key principles:

  • Self-management: the restored building will be managed by market traders and the local community

  • Affordable rents: rents for market traders will be maintained at existing levels

  • New community space: accessible social spaces, low-cost office space, an expanded market and dedicated community facilities will be created by the refurbishment

  • Reinvestment: profit generated by market rent will be reinvested into the upkeep of the building and to fund further local community initiatives that benefit those who live, work or use the town centre

A product of over 15 years of community engagement and campaigning, the scheme will be delivered by the West Green Road/Seven Sisters Development Trust, a non-profit organisation.

The Community Plan is currently open for public consultation! Please support our scheme by submitting a comment on the link below:


Key Figures

The market is home to

  • 43+ businesses

  • 150+ jobs

  • A diverse community of traders from over 15 nationalities. 

  • A social and cultural hub for North London’s migrant communities - in particular the Latin American community.  

In 2017, United Nations human rights experts highlighted the importance of the market to the livelihood of Latin American and Hispanic traders, calling it a ‘dynamic cultural space’ that was ‘inclusive of people from a diversity of places and from different generations’. Since 2014, Haringey Council has also recognised the market as an ‘Asset of Community Value’.


What we’re up against.

Property developer, Grainger plc, are proposing the demolition of the market, the Wards Corner building and neighbouring houses and shops; destroying the rich history of Seven Sisters Market, its important contribution to the local economy and its role as a support network to the wider community. The Wards Corner Community Plan offers an alternative: it will preserve the history of the area, protect existing businesses and provide much needed affordable business space and extra community space for use by local residents.


Details of the plan

The market is a vibrant and successful space, unique throughout London. Where the average modern British high street appears to be experiencing a period of decline, the market remains busy and bustling: there is not a single empty unit! The Wards Corner building and the upper two floors of the market, however, remain vacant after nearly fifty years.

The Community Plan reconfigures the layout of the ground floor to provide more space for traders and opens up the upper floors to offer extra retail and work space for small local businesses. Lightwells connect the two floors, providing natural daylight to the ground floor streets. New lifts, staircases and accessible toilets allow the market to welcome people of all ages and abilities.

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